This is my final post and in this post I would like to talk about the way Noam Chomsky portrayed Obama and the assertion by Noam Chomsky on future of Obama administration based on his cabinet. Race of Obama was not mentioned much by Noam Chomsky but there are constructive criticism on Obama and his cabinet members. Although I like Obama, it is important that skepticism is necessary in creating a better democracy. The things that Chomsky talks about are much different from the things that the mainstream media talks about Obama’s cabinet members. Chomsky seems to have a great knowledge and backgrounds about this issue. Chomsky talks about real implications of American democracy and its future.

Firstly, Chomsky praises the election of Barack Obama and having a black family in the White House is something that people have never imagined. Chomsky never predicted this incident to take place and he talked about reasons of Barack Obama rising up to the power which are due to the activism during the 60s, economic crisis which is taking place at the moment ,and the marketing of “Obama Brand”.
In America, it is hard to see the real progression and changes due to the evidence that business sector is controlling the politics. Chomsky gives a person named Tom Ferguson who wrote a scholarly work called Golden Rule: the Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems which argues and predicts that the elections are the moments when the groups of investors are collate to invest to control the state. This theory gives very predictive state of how the policies are continued by the state throughout the time. Exceptions of this theory is proved in many countries such as Bolivia, Haiti, and others where people with almost no resources organized a grass movement to vote for someone who represent them and fight against pre-existing status quo. America is not one of the exceptions in changing the current political stream. Moreover, Chomsky argues that the presidency of Obama is due to the activism during the 60s and economic crisis which we face today. The activism during the 60s changed and civilized America and its culture through giving equal rights to the citizens and the Great Society programs. This type of activism leads to development of our culture to be less racist than the system in the Europe. Also, Chomsky is intrigued by the fact that when the economic crisis is taken place during the time of existing political party, the opposition party always wins by the landslide. Nevertheless, it was not the case for this election. Obama only won by 8 million votes and if there was not economic crisis which took place after this year; Obama may not have won his election.

The marketing of “Obama Brand” is fascinating to understand. Chomsky has a very distinctive idea in separating two ways of the grassroots movement. The first one is a group of people who construct their own political agenda to push and pick their own candidate to run the office. Obama’s grassroots movement was a different type. This is a known fact that Obama gathered and organized many people by introducing his idea to implement the ideas. The latter form can not push changes because there are differences between rhetoric and action by the politician. The only way that people can bring changes is through the activism similar to the 60s, when people constructed and organized their own mass popular movement to fight for changes.